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How to Register your Fjord horse with CFHA

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Checklist: Is my horse eligible for registration?

1. Read the Rules of Eligibility to make sure your horse qualifies for registration. All Canadian born Fjords need to be registered in the name of the owner or lessee of the dam at the time of birth of the foal. If a change of ownership occurs, a transfer needs to be completed and the applicable fees paid. If your mare was bred to an outside stallion, ask the stallion owner to sign the service section on the application form.

2. Order your microchip from CLRC. Postage and handling can be expensive, so if you will be needing more than one, you should order them at the same time. These microchips are specifically for CFHA. You can not use one from your vet as there can be problems with old chips that have been out of circulation. You can order your microchip and pay your membership, if desired, at the same time.

3. Your veterinarian has to implant the chip and sign the Petidco form that comes with it. These are Avid chips and most veterinarians will have the scanner to read them. It is advised to have your vet scan the chip, confirm it is the same as the number it is supposed to be, and then scan the horse after the chip is implanted. The microchip should be inserted on the left side of the horse, half way down the neck, and two inches below the mane.

4. If the horse is a filly or a stallion, it must be DNA'd to be registered. Geldings do not need to be DNA'd. If applicable, follow instructions for collecting a good hair sample. You can then send the hair sample away at the same time as you send in the white and the pink copy of the Petidco form (keep the yellow copy) that your vet has signed with your completed registration form with payment to CLRC. You may complete the DNA form that comes with the instructions or just enclose the well identified hair sample taped to a piece of paper along with everything else. Those breeders not 100% sure of the parentage may still prefer to have the DNA completed before they send in the registration application, but otherwise we would encourage you to send everything in together.

Questions contact Laura Lee Mills at CLRC (613) 731-7110 Ext. 314, Pamela Pearson at CLRC (613) 731-7110 Ext. 311 or contact the CFHA
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