CFHA Mission

The mission of the Canadian Fjord Horse Association shall be to preserve the genetic purity of the breed through the registration of animals and the keeping of pedigrees. The Canadian Fjord Horse Association wants to ensure a strong future for the breed by supporting the purebred Norwegian Fjord Horse, through promotion, education, improved awareness and understanding. The CFHA is committed to supporting its members and encouraging them to showcase the versatile Norwegian Fjord Horse.

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New for 2015!
The CFHA newsletter is now available for order online! It is available to all Fjord lovers, whether they are CFHA members or not! Our quarterly newsletter is a full colour magazine full of educational articles, great stories and lovely pictures. Please provide your mailing address in the PayPal comments section.

Canadian subscriptions ($24/ year 4 issues)

International subscriptions ($30/ year 4 issues)

Vet Proofing Your Horse
By Sarah Fryer, DVM

Having been a veterinarian for nearly 15 years now, I can honestly say I love my job......Click here to read more

Training The Young Horse
By Jan Johnsson

The horse has been in human employ for about 5000 years but it is still a very independent and sometimes wild creature that we have to gentle and train .....Click here to read more

The Fjord Foal Shortage
By Solveig Watanabe

For a few years now there has been major concern in the world-wide Fjord community about the lack of foals being born.....Click here to read more