CFHA Mission

The mission of the Canadian Fjord Horse Association shall be to preserve the genetic purity of the breed through the registration of animals and the keeping of pedigrees. The Canadian Fjord Horse Association wants to ensure a strong future for the breed by supporting the purebred Norwegian Fjord Horse, through promotion, education, improved awareness and understanding. The CFHA is committed to supporting its members and encouraging them to showcase the versatile Norwegian Fjord Horse.

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New for 2015!
The CFHA newsletter is now available for order online! It is available to all Fjord lovers, whether they are CFHA members or not! Our quarterly newsletter is a full colour magazine full of educational articles, great stories and lovely pictures. Please provide your mailing address in the PayPal comments section.

Canadian subscriptions ($24/ year 4 issues)

International subscriptions ($30/ year 4 issues)

Annual General Meeting

Canadian Fjord Horse Association
Annual General Meeting
March 7/2015
1:00 Mountain time

Please note if you would like to be included in this meeting it will be done by tele-conferencing. The number to call in is 1-888-289-4573 moderator code is 8084087 # and the access code is 9649461 #. Please call1-866- 736-1413 for customer service if you experience a problem calling in. If you have more questions please contact Dana McFaull-secretary for CFHA at or at 780-941-2448.

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