CFHA Mission

The mission of the Canadian Fjord Horse Association shall be to preserve the genetic purity of the breed through the registration of animals and the keeping of pedigrees. The Canadian Fjord Horse Association wants to ensure a strong future for the breed by supporting the purebred Norwegian Fjord Horse, through promotion, education, improved awareness and understanding. The CFHA is committed to supporting its members and encouraging them to showcase the versatile Norwegian Fjord Horse.

News & Events

Registration Q & As

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By Pat Wolfe

Fjords have a nature that is quite suitable for this sport invented by the Norwegians and practiced in many cold weather countries......Click here to read more

Winterizing Time Again
By Aja Johnson, RAHT

Well, I think it is safe to say that winter is on its way. Gone are the days of doing chores in a T-shirt.....Click here to read more

My New Year's Polar Bear Dip
By Pat Wolfe

My two mares, six year old Emmeline and four year old Gaja, fell through the ice on my beaver pond the other day.....Click here to read more